The Wright Type(face)

Created: 07/26/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Print Design, Typography
  • The Wright Type
  • I designed my first typeface.  My inspiration was one of my favorite architects: Frank Lloyd Wright. For this project it was more than just creating a typeface, I was enjoying the blend of my two passions-architecture and graphic design. By using my passions as inspiration, it was easy to design, ideas just seemed to flow. 

    My font is characterized by black lines and shapes coming together to form a letter. I specifically looked at his furniture and stained glass window designs. Everything he makes has a certain look and feel. The Wright Type encompasses his style. 

    I even made myself a name tag which I wore to my previous bakery job. I have also applied my name tag to corporate clean-cut job attire (see below) and a general retail/restaurant job attire. My font is functional. 

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