The Wooden Bowl

  • The Wooden Bowl
    Branding + Packaging + Interactive
  • The Wooden Bowl is a gourmet soup and salad restaurant located in Baltimore, MD. This branding campaign includes the identity, menu, to-go boxes, buttons, coasters, gift cards, environmental graphics, and iPhone application.
  • Identity for The Wooden Bowl // located in Baltimore, MD
  • The Wooden Bowl has four locations around Baltimore North // East // South // West
  • Secondary envelopes created for additional marketing // promotional material
  • Gift cards housed inside envelope for sending // three options for different discount cards
  • Promotional market cards // show variety of salads ad how to make them
  • Front and back of name tags showcased on the salad bar
  • Four page menu created for The Wooden Bowl // could also be downloaded
  • Create your own salad checklist // be creative make the salad for you
  • To–go and carry out stickers // fill these out, enjoy your food the next day 
  • Created and designed iPhone application for servers
  • Server application that can take orders // also created and signs bill