The West Point Project

Created: 07/11/12
Last Edited: 11/14/12
Our objective was to transform a lobby space, within Merck’s largest manufacturing and research site, into a timeless representation of Merck's history, with a focus on manufacturing and vaccines. We wanted people to feel inspired by the past achievements and future vision of the company.

Our solution was a sustainable environmental graphic display that could be easily updated and maintained in a cost effective way.

The result was a museum-like experience that allows peopleto explore the multi-medium displays at their leisure. We also created an informal casual gathering space to facilitate impromptu meetings.

In the end, we successfully brought Merck’s past and present to life and displayed the philanthropic contributions that Merck makes tosociety on a global scale.

This project has received three industry awards for environmental design.
  • West Point Project
    A Museum-like Experience with a Complete Digital Package 

  • experie

    This project has received five industry awards for environmental design.

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