The War on Boredom

Created: 10/15/12
Last Edited: 09/20/13
A project I took on three months ago championing the cause of boredom. The social and creative effects of constant connection is something that has interested me for a while, a motion graphics short seemed to be the way to communicate my thoughts and those that I've read.
  • Think of all of the benefits due to the increase of connectivity over the past few years. We are witnessing before our eyes a shift in social values due to improvements in technology that is similar to the industrial revolution in scale. The ways in which we communicate and act may never be the same.

    Now think of all the pitfalls of our ongoing communication and media revolution; can you think of any? Consider for a second the last time you where utterly and hopelessly bored. The near extinction of interruption free space due to technological, communication and media improvements has infringed on all those involved right to be bored. ( I mean you have the choice but who in their right mind passes up angry birds?)

    The war on boredom is invisible and with the increase in connection is a counter decrease in creativity.

    “Boredom is your window… once the window opens don’t try to shut it, on the contrary throw it open.” –Brodsky

    “To be awake, is to be alive.” –Henry David Thoreau

    Inspired by readings of Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau

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