The Viking Bar and Restaurant Identity

Created: 02/05/13
Last Edited: 03/01/13
For this assignment, I created a camp-style identity for a brand new and unique restaurant. The Viking Bar and Lounge was defined as a favorite friendly neighborhood low brow hangout, owned by a popular local businessman who derived the bar’s name from his Scandinavian heritage and adventurous spirit. The updated decor maintains some of its original rough-and-tumble charm in the wood floors, bar, and refurbished wood booths.

Customers are mid-20’s and up, with most in the 30 to 50 range. They are of all ethnicities (as is Walnut Creek, where The Viking is located), both male and female, and mostly college-educated. In addition, they are hard workers who enjoy socializing over a cold beer.

I captured the tough Viking persona with an exaggerated facial expression, framed by an over-the-top swirling red beard. Blocky lettering adds to the campy masculine toughness, while Viking elements like a ship and helmet function as fun branding collateral extensions.

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