The Third Event (Zine Cover)

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    The Third Event
    Zine Cover

    In his essay "Twelve Strategies", designer Bruce Mau states, “The work doesn’t happen where it seems it ought to. We expect the work... to happen on the surface. Instead, it happens in the “thickness”, in the turning of the page, like a spark jumping a gap. The third event—the meaning and power of the work—occurs between images, between a text and an image, a void and an image... The power of the third event can only be produced in the mind of the reader when they transform the potential energy of an image into the kinetic energy of meaning.”

    The third event can also be generated by the interchange of ideas. This cover was designed for a zine, which typifies this interchange. As students of W.A.R.P (the UF foundation program) react and interact with the works, initiated by junior and senior students in the University of Florida’s Graphic Design department, they create the spark that jumps the gap.

  • The Third Event
    Zine Cover