The Superstition Companion

  • Client: [Student Work] | Art Director: Professor Jeffrey Pike
    An illustrated, satirical self-help book on superstitions from around the world, to teach you how to redirect positive energy towards irrational worrying and anxiety with accompanying collateral: greeting cards, 'knockables,' and wallet reminders.
    Exhibited in AIGA St. Louis’ Shutterstock’s Pixels of Fury Live Competition: Design for Good, November 29th, 2012.
  • Promotional poster for the project.
  • Below: Internal pages, including superstitions such as—
    On Halloween, in order to foretell who will be one's mate, a girl can catch a snail, leave it under a covered dish all night, and next morning see which initials have been traced out by its slimy trail.
  • Below: greeting cards, "knockables," and wallet reminders.