The Spy Museum: Print Ad Scavenger Hunt

Created: 03/26/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
This project is part of an ad campaign I have made for The International Spy Museum. It not only portrays a game, but also tests the skill of the reader. Another benefit in this campaign is that it includes other partnering companies that could pay to get exposure through this ad campaign.
  • The International Spy Museum
    & My Print-Ad Scavenger Hunt Genius
  • The journey of this "scavenger hunt" begins with the introduction ad page. This reads "Do you have what it takes?" with details about said scavenger hunt. The viewers/readers of this ad are to search within the magazine and its many other ads to find the scratch off clues that will lead them to a prize. That prize being 20% off on a ticket to the Spy Museum.
  • Scratch off for the clue, and the journey begins!
  • Alas! Another Scratch off!
  • A trenchcoat, huh?
  • Aha! Smith and Wesson, you say?
  • Thank you for playing. :)

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