The Sound Problem

Created: 07/22/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Graphic Design I project based on sounds.
  • The Sound Problem
  • For this project, I was given five different descriptions of sounds. The challenge of this project is to design five different images that visually create the sound without using any objects used to make the actual sound. For example, the first sound is "Car crash" and for this sound I was not able to use images of cars or glass or anything involved in a car crash. 
    Each image below has their sound description in the caption.
  • "Car Crash"
  • "Typewriter"
  • "Clock"
  • "Bumble Bees Making Love"
  • "Conversation Between an Overbearing Father and a Shy Daughter"
  • "Conversation Between a Tuba and a Flute"

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