The Silly Season

Created: 06/17/12
Last Edited: 08/04/13
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  • The Silly Season
    Hit the road, Jack.
  • The silly season is a period from early summer until the first week of October of election years. Primary elections are over at this time, but formal debates have not started and the general election is many weeks away. Issues raised during this period are likely to be forgotten by the election, so candidates may rely on frivolous political posturing and hyperbole to get media attention and raise money.

    It's worth noting that the venerable campaign button hearkens back to the founding of our republic. At the time of George Washington through the first half of the 19th century, these buttons were usually sewn onto clothing. Since then, it is customary to have a pin on the back of the button for attachment and removal. Not to put too fine a semiotic point on it, but it could be said that each of these little political advertisements all come attached to their very own prick. 

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