The Sick and Twisted Circus of Bullying

    The University of Missouri-St. Louis//Instructor: Jennifer McKnight

    When I started this project I didn’t really give it much though.Mainly because this project was assigned at the same time as my infographicanimation project in my Motion Design class. But after that project wasfinished I got the chance to really think about what is relevant and what I’mreally passionate about. Originally this project was to focus on savingendangered animals, which I am extremely passionate for. But, then I realizedpeople have been speaking up about that for decades. After doing another roundfor brainstorming I decided to refocus the project on bullying. The posters to supposeshow a vintage campaign against bullying. The vintage campaign is supposed torepresent the fact that bullying is a concept that has been around for decadesand it's something that needs to be demolished finally. The circus theme issupposed to create irony, circuses are supposed to be fun and everyone usuallyenjoy them, and bullying on the other hand is the exactly opposite.