The Seven boat wrap

  • I designed this wrap as part of my internship with Wrapid Impressions. I was given full creative freedom in regards to designing this wrap. The brief called for a boat name design for a christian boat charter. I wanted the font to resemble classic boat typography from the likes of Master Craft.  At the same time I wanted to incorporate the christian aspect of the charter in to the logo itself. As to not have an extraneous mark that denoted the christian aspect of the charter.
  • I chose a Go media font called Firgo. I liked the raw aspects of the font. It was strong and incorporated many aspects that were similar to boat brand typography. 
  • As you can see I altered the font to increase the readability and tame the wild beast that is Firgo. Note the counters of the h, e and n. This was the initial comp the client chose the mark in the top left. The the was created from the actual seven in the font modified to reflect the design of the rest of the font.