The Residue of Time

Created: 03/21/12
Last Edited: 12/30/12
abstract photographs of the residue of time
  • The Residue of Time
    The marks time leaves in it's passing. 
  • Handicap zone, was once a yellow zone. 
  • Service Vehicles Only
  • Repainted Fire Zone
  • Handicap, to Fire, to Yellow Zone.
  • Fire, Service, Handicap, Yellow-no parking. 
  • Just some thoughts….
    Layers of Frustration: With the neglect of the colored curbs, the paint succumbs to the erosion of time. This reveals the grey cement below or the previous coat of paint, making it unclear what color restrictions will be upheld for parking along that curb. On the other hand, for the Parking Enforcement Officers, this frustration is just as prevalent. Can you enforce “No Parking on Yellow” when the yellow curb is so chipped its half gray? Will it hold up in court?

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