The Refueling Station: WDI Collaboration

  • The Refueling Station: WDI Collaboration
    Branding & Themed Entertainment Design
  • In a collaborative class sponsored by Walt Disney Imagineering, our team comprised of two graphic designers, a production designer, creative writer, and two industrial designers created a food truck concept to be used for special events. The truck was to be placed on the Odyssey Bridge between World Showcase and Future World and needed to fit the theme of both sides of Epcot. Together, Team Food Truck created a custom food truck design, branding materials, custom tables, chairs, and umbrellas, and queue line interactivity with guests.
    The Refueling Station is Wall-E's robot fuel station that he has developed that serves healthy, organic fuel for robots. Unfortunately, while taking a break from working, other robots destroyed and set fire to his business, leaving him with nothing but scraps. With the help of Eva, the two rebuild using the scrap metal and parts from the destruction.
    Like Wall-E's home/garage, the food is presented on a rotating display and delivered on a conveyer belt. The menu board is also easily changed for various events such as the Food & Wine Festival and Flower & Garden Festival. While waiting in line, guests can look through viewfinders at various spots around the park and while looking in, they can see Eva flying by or Wall-E cleaning up trash. There is also an open opportunity for an "every day" menu to be developed so that the truck can become more permanent.