The Prefect Project Band Poster

  • The Prefect Project Band Poster
    Wizard Rock Band poster using multiple print processes
  • In Print Production, my final project had to show the breadth of what I had learned during the course of the semester. Therefore, I had to pull out all the stops. I had to design three band posters, this is one of them. The hardest part was not so much designing the poster, but thinking of a good band. I didn't want to go with a band that was so commercially branded, so I went with a smaller band, that is actually some people I know.

    'The Prefect Project' is a Wizard Rock band, which, if you don't know, is a band that came about because of the musicians love of Harry Potter and his world, and therefore write songs about Hogwarts and all that magical stuff. I obviously didn't want to go anywhere overtly 'magical' with this design, avoiding the Potter lightning bolt like the plague. Instead I focused more on the 'Prefect' aspect of the band. Prefects bring up images of swotty know-it-alls running around in school uniforms and making sure everyone is behaving. I instantly thought of a school tie. I chose the blue colors of Ravenclaw, even though most of the band is Slytherin, I just couldn't bring myself to do that house's colors.

    The background is a pattern made up of instructions on how to tie and tie. The main tie itself would be embossed and debossed to create a nice tactile surface, and would also show some of the techniques available to use in print. Also, a false duotone and metallic PMS colors to round out the depth of my print knowledge.