The Narrows book design

Created: 09/28/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Book Design. Jacket and interior.
  • The Narrows Book Design
    Linoleum block etchings, screen printing, oh boy!
  • For this project, I tried to get my hands as dirty as possible from beginning to the end. The author (Maggie Craig) wanted a very DIY look for her novel, The Narrows, which is kind of a mix between Catcher in the Rye and Harry Potter - a dark coming of age fantasy filled with steampunk and brooklyn, NY imagery.

    I decided to create a linoleum block illustration for the cover, keeping things super simple and cost effective as far as printing was concerned. We did a one color paperback cover on super recycled cover stock, and then we took it to the next level by screen printing 100 jackets for the limited edition hard cover.

    I also got to design the interior layout of the book, bringing a classic elegance to the rough outer shell.

    thanks for taking a look!
  • front and back of the limited edition, screen printed hard cover
  • the paperback version
  • back cover, paperback version. is it just me, or is my thumb bizarrely straight?
  • inner flap informations!
  • the insides... I got to play with crazy drop caps. yay fantasy novels! the book was set in Caslon, one of my favorite text typefaces.
  • the hardcover jackets drying on the floor of my friend Dave Ulrich's impromptu studio in Philly.
  • etching the linoleum.

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