The Many Hidden Talents of Laura Moyer

Created: 05/24/13
Last Edited: 09/03/13
The Many Hidden Talents of Laura Moyer is a self-promotional mailer, where the recipient would (literally) have to find my hidden talents.
  • "The Many Hidden Talents of Laura Moyer" is a self-promotional mailer for potential employers, and is inspired by vintage postcards. 
    It features a 'find-the-hidden-object' drawing, and includes resume information and a cover letter message. It is formatted on one piece of paper which is printed double-sided and then folded.
  • Title Flap
  • Open to the resume section which includes the following categories: Education, Work Experience, Skills, Honors and Talents.  The Talents section has an arrow, pointing you to open the paper to...
  • ...the Find the Hidden Talents drawing.  This plays off of "The Many Hidden Talents of Laura Moyer" because you have to find the hidden talents...literally.
  • The talents are represented by tangible objects, within an at-home design space.
  • The back flap of the piece is designed as the back of a vintage postcard, which includes a brief message to the potential employer.

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