The Little Guide to Cultures' Etiquette

Created: 12/19/11
Last Edited: 09/24/13
A project done for Senior Design class - Fall 2012 at Saint John's University
  • The Little Guide to Cultures' Etiquette
    Senior Design/Fall 2011
  • Today we live in a world that is somehow smaller than it used to be. The internet and the email have allowed many people and organizations to collaborate across geographic and cultural boundaries. Also, according to the World Tourism Organization, the long distance trip in 2010 were twice  as more, compared to these in 1995. Thanks to the globalization, you are likely to work with Japanese, French, Latin American and all sorts of other nationalities. It is important to recognize that people from different cultures are different in variety of ways - the way they look at things, the way they are dressed, the way they express personality, etc. This project seeks to explore the differences between cultures from around the world ant its aim is to foster cultural collaboration and tolerance in communication.

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