The Leonardo Museum Brochure

  •      The Leonardo, located in Salt Lake City UT, is a museum of sciene and technology. Their logo is my inspiration when I work on this brochure. I took the hexagon shape which was created by the outline ot their logo and built the layout and decorate elements base on that hexagon shape.
  •  To most people, Leonardo Da Vinci was rather known as an artist with the famous painting Mona Lisa than a scientist. So my idea was to create an brochure that can give people an unexpected experience about Leonardo that they might have when they visit the museum. I made a window in the front cover as you can see when we fold it to show just a small part of Mona Lisa’s face. So when they open the first fold of this trifold brochure, it reveals Mona Lisa was built up with many tiny steampunk mechanic details. This image informs us both side of Leonardo himself, an artist and a scientist. The window combines with an unexpected image will make them curios about the museum and want to know more about it.