The Jordan Wong Chronicles

  • The Jordan Wong Chronicles
    Solo Exhibition May 2011 | Imagebox
  • This is the work from my first solo exhibition. The opening night was during the Unblurred Gallery Crawl at Image Box Gallery. The following is my artist statement: 

    I truly believe that imagination is such an important thing to have as an artist. Without out it, how else
    would we dream about British dinosaur banquets or wander off to a world where zombies, pirates, cyborgs, shark-punching nuns, and heroic mechanized bears all fight for an age of peace, prosperity, and bacon? Imagination allows us to enter a world that is absolutely limitless.

    These seven pieces are just a few examples of all the crazy things I often envision. They are the chapters
    that formulate an epic narrative within my head. This explains why I choose to name the show
    the Jordan Wong Chronicles. At first, I felt hesitant, concerned with coming off as self-absorbed since I was using my own name in the exhibition title. But I believe this title is honest to the work. These depictions come straight from me, featuring those who play key roles in my life, along with themes that relate to personal struggles and triumphs of mine.
  •  Be There When I Land
  • Rick and the Leviathan
  •  Robot Deer Arm
  • Solo Round
  •  Triumph
  •  Dude! My Friend!
  •  You Missed It