The Jack T. Stephens Wing Dedication Plaque

  • The Jack T. Stephens Wing Dedication Plaque
  • Lakeland Regional Medical Center (LRMC) wanted to dedicate their “B” wing bedtower to retiring CEO Jack T. Stephens. LRMC wanted something other than the traditional bronze dedication plaque. They wanted a plaque that represented the “B” wing project and the technological innovations that Stephens implemented as CEO. In addition, they wanted a plaque that fit within the context of their modern healthcare facility. The result was a 48 X 36 subsurface etched and printed LED illuminated dedication plaque. The dedication plaque was located in the public entry, second floor elevator wall.

     The illuminated etched floor plan is the floor plan of the floor where the plaque is located. The floor plan was used to represent the unique qualities of the “B” wing. The curved floor plate of the “B” wing was developed to fit that expansion on the tight hospital site, and it is unique to that building on the hospital campus.
    The dedication plaque achieved the following goals.

    1.  Depart from traditional bronze dedication plaques
    2. Use materials that fit the context of a modern healthcare facility
    3. Graphically represent the achievements of Stephens during his tenure. These include the “B” wing expansion (now renamed the Jack T. Stephens Wing) and technological advancements.
  • Preliminary Mock-up in location
  • Detail Shot