The Impenetrable Silver Server

  • The Impenetrable Silver Server
    Comic style newsletter
  • A while back Belm Designs was commissioned to create a newsletter that would be distributed by email and other electronic devices. The brief also stated the information should be presented in a professional manner that would also keep the readers' attention.

    The Belm solution was to create a comic style newsletter playing off the Silver Surfer comic series. Since the product was in fact a silver server, we decided to develop the Celestix MSA appliance as the hero of each storyline.

    The parody couldn't have been better and since the storyline of every super hero is to slay the villain or in this case "security threat", the newsletter will have you wanting more and more.

    Stay tuned...
  •      Initial newsletter sketch work/idea
  •      Designer laying out each of the frames created in the sequence
  •      Creating the hero of the series "Celestix Silver Server" along with other art assets
  •      Making a few more adjustments to a few of the graphical elements and text bubbles
  •      Formatted for the iPad and other electronic devices
  •      Creative Director reviewing the newsletter before going to the client
  •      Another fun, informative professional project complete

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