The HuB Building Projection

Created: 01/07/13
Last Edited: 03/26/14
Building Projection
  • The HuB Building Projection
    A building proejction for The HuB in Sarasota, FL. Created in 5 weeks starting with Concept Development to Visual Design to Sound Design and then Animation. My partner, Alberto Vildosola, and I wanted to show the way the company grows on the inside at a rapid pace but also integrate it with the technology they work with and put into their work. Created using Cinema 4D, Photoshop, After Effects, NukeX 5, Canon 7D, Garage Band, and Pro Tools. 
    Rich Zweiss, Founder of The HuB, and Jeff Hazelton, Founder of Biolucid wanted a 30 second piece that incorporated the building but was also exciting for the grand opening of the new HuB Building. All together this is a 6 minute animation split up between 12 teams of 2 students from Ringling College of Art and Design, Department of Motion Design.
  • Awards
    92nd Art Directors Club - Motion Merit Award 2013
    Best of Ringling - Presidents Award 2013
  • eEvent Video
  • Entire Motion Design Junior Class Animation. 6 Minute video taken of the projection on the building. Thank you to all my classmates and Faculty that helped make this happen and Congrats!
  • Our Animation starts at 1:05.
  • Animation
  • 30 Sec Rendered Animation
  • Process
  • Concept Development
  • Initial Styleframe to sell the idea.
  • Updated styleframe to show client.
  • Design
  • My initial thoughts on the plants were to create something rooted in reality but to also create something new and unique. I created multiple designs using some common Visual Development tecnhiques such as silhouettes and doodles. I chose to show these 4 designs to the client to give them a sense of what the final plant might look like.
    The UI designs were designed to be graphic and interesting but not so interesting that they distract the viewer from the main focus of the animation at the time which is the plant. We looked to alot of Tron Legacy, Iron Man and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for inspiration.
  • Flower designs.
  • UI designs.
  • Animation/Modeling

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