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    Selected layouts from the features department of The Hollywood Reporter
  • The Hollywood Reporter is an 80 year old daily entertainment business publication. I worked in the features art department of The Hollywood Reporter for 2 years as a full time designer and part time for over a year. In that time I designed hundreds of weekly, monthly, annual, and specials feature layouts. On each of these I worked with one or more editors as the sole designer or in collaboration with other staff designers and freelance designers and illustrators. As well as laying out features as a designer I would illustrate concept pieces to be used as lead art for features. Below are some selected examples.
  • THR's Anatomy of a Hit is a special feature that would discuss a television show's success at a landmark number of episodes aired. I have laid out several of these but the "Family Guy" issue was a favorite of mine. Below are selected pages.

     10 pages, 6 articles
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  • Showbiz Kids is an annual feature for THR that has several articles about young actors including current trends, up-and-comers, and even the history of them. Here a some selected pages of the year I laid it out.
     12 pages, 3 stories

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  • Each season, THR runs a special feature on real estate. This is one from summer that I laid out. We are supposed to use certain "THR" colors (read and black) most of the time but both the editor and I felt that it did not work with the summer theme and actually clashed with most of the photography. The burnt orange went with the season and could also be found throughout art.
     5 pages, 2 articles 
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  • This is an illustration for a special feature about China's censorship of the reporting during the Beijing Olympics. The editor had asked for "something that says communist China" so the design laying out the issue and I decided to go with a propaganda poster.
     Hand drawn then put into Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator