The Hearts by Love Project

Created: 07/23/13
Last Edited: 08/07/13
Welcome to the Hearts by Love Project
  • This project was created in 2011 when I began seeing familiar hand drawn hearts around my neighborhood and daily commute to school. I was so invested in this project so much, that I created three photographic series,  silkscreened handmade books,  seven editions of a callagraphic print through the embossing techniques and one website/blog that went into detailed happenings about the search for these hearts.
  • This is a handmade 'dos a dos' book titled "Folie a deux". In french the term means a madness between two, so there were dualities happening in the book. There were two sections, a black and white and color. The colored pages were silkscreened with four colors that emulate the consistancy of highlighters. While the other part of the book was just black ink. The books come in an edition of 5 and include 16 pages of images to enjoy.

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