The Hardest Hue To Hold Relief Print

Created: 09/14/12
Last Edited: 09/28/12
One Color Relief Print
  • The Hardest Hue To Hold
    Relief Print
  • This was a one color relief print I created for my Intermediate Printmaking class. The subject had to be something from nature. I was inspired by Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay  and decided to create a print showing a monarch butterfly chrysalis with milkweed and monarch butterflies in the background. I felt that the poem reflected nature and the life of a butterfly, and was also reminiscent of the small gold specs found on a monarch chrysalis. I used two different papers with gold oil-based ink.
  • Spencer Elizabeth Karczewski
    The Hardest Hue To Hold
    Relief Print

    Shown at the Lemon Street Gallery, Kenosha WI, Spring 2012 
    UW-Parkside Art Club Member Exhibition