The Graphic Design Process

  • The Graphic Design Process
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  • A lot of times the Graphic Design profession can be undervalued for a lack of understanding of what really goes on behind the curtain. Do graphic designers sit and draw all day? Can they really just come up with some logo ideas real quick? Should they accept exposure as payment? If your answer is yes, maybe taking a look at this chart will help you understand the process that goes on to craft an elegant solution a design problem. It can be a very complex process; it's not for everyone, and it definitely takes a very specific set of skills that are being constantly updated and developed. 

    Graphic Design is an intrinsic part of efficient and clear social organization. It helps us function in our day to day activities of choosing what to buy, where to go, how to get there, and how to go about our lives in many different ways. The world without design would be a chaotic, inconvenient and unattractive place. Let's not take Graphic Design for granted.