The Grape Tree Wine Company

Created: 07/14/13
Last Edited: 07/14/13
This project is a mock-up company called The Grape Tree Wine Company. The logo itself has two grape trees on both sides encasing beautiful typography "The Grape Tree". The wrappers are outlined in three different colors: maroon, gold, and zinfandel pink. The type is cursive for the Brand name and anywhere else possible, and the secondary type will be a sans serif type that can be easily read. The brand should give off an expensive vibe and should match the wonderful taste of the grapes it is produced from.
  • The Grape Tree Wine Company is a mock-up wine company that I created in 2010 and then later revisited for my portfolio class. I wanted a design that had a bow-tie shape and encompassed the richness of the grape that made the wine. I created the trees and the Typographical logo in Adobe Illustrator. I originally created the background in Illustrator to "tromp l'oiel," or trick the eye so to speak. I then took the background in Photoshop with the blur tool so that it is hard to tell from far away that there are grape leaves in the background. I also used my own photographic skills for the product shots.

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