"The Glass Castle" book jacket re-design

Created: 07/31/12
Last Edited: 10/26/12
Project re-design of the novel "The Glass Castle"
  • The Glass Castle, Book Jacket

    Redesign: Read and redesign based on the content of the book. Visually representing the novel while making it intriguing enough to want to pick up and investigate the content and story.

    This is one of my favorite novels, based on a true story of Jeannette Walls life.  I had composed a collage of items that were found and related to stories and defining incidences in the book. Photographed them and combined them with illustrations and typography.  I wanted to almost defy the image one would get after reading the title of the book, because this book isn't at all what the title suggests; which is to me what makes it most intriguing.

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