• The Gist
  • Roles: Art direction, information architecture, visual design, HTML/CSS/JS development
  • The Learning and Performance department created a video of their coworkers hyping the program. This video and all future speaker videos are housed on the homepage.

    The secondary section showcases some timely articles curated by the L&P department for sharing with colleagues.
  • Wireframes

    During the planning phase, we discussed a few possibilities:
    - Creating a blog around the topic and talks to be updated by various employees
    - A forum for submitting ideas

    After more discussion, it was determined that this program would need to start as a pilot with room to grow the website. The final version was pared down to include only links and videos and depending on funding and popularity, the community aspect of the GIST would be developed.
  • After the launch of the GIST, the team wanted a place for users to return and view all past videos. We proposed a solution for users to view videos as a list or by grid. Eventually, it was decided to scrap the list and sorting functionalities in favor of a simple list.
  • The Visual Design
  • This page archives all of the past events and where users are able to catch up on any inspiring talks they've missed.