The Fresh Force

Created: 05/01/13
Last Edited: 10/27/14
The Fresh Force is a non profit organization I created for my final senior artist project at UW Parkside. Creating all aspects of design collateral as well as an installation piece.
  • The Fresh Force is a nonprofit Arts Integration program that helps bring the arts back into young student’s education. This project was for my Senior Thesis at the University of Wisconsin Parkside.
    The project consisted of creating a concept brand, researching the background of what it would take to launch a nonprofit organization, the creation of a brand identity and creation of supporting materials. In order to capture the message of this nonprofit, I held my own “mock” workshop where young children ages 3 -12 participated in a structured art session. This allowed me the opportunity to entertain, learn and take photos of a live event to use for the brand and marketing materials.
    The final install of my project consisted of a branded booth, to replicate design features of the Milwaukee Art Museum, a final brand concept, supporting materials such as, brochures, screen printed T-shirts, business cards and an informational pamphlet.

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