The Fake Blondes

Created: 10/19/12
Last Edited: 07/28/14
Personal project on which I graphically arrange illustration and typography.

The custom font is available for free download AND in two versions, both in two weights.


  • ________________________
    The basic Illustrations
  • ____________________________________
    Oslo is the very light monospaced typeface
    specially designed for this project.
  • ________________________
    Putting the pieces together…
  • ________________________
    ...And the results.
  • ________________________
    A few notes on the font:
    Oslo & Oslo II are available for free download. Both are monospaced and each has its own set of numbers, special characters and punctuation (please check the WIP).  
    Though the font is primary intended to be all caps, Oslo II is featured as lower case to Oslo. 
    Regular version is 10pt thin and bold 45pt.
  • ________________________
    Thank you for your appreciation.
    Warm hugs!

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