The Equilibrium Conference

Created: 04/25/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Junior Graphic Design Studio I
Junior First Semester
Project Info
  • Equilibrium, Hosted By Parity
    World Activist Conference
  • This project began with a huge amount of research about a nation of my choice (the United Kingdom) regarding pertinent environmental and economic problems. From there, the activist group, Parity, was created in order to spread the word about these problems such as over population, supply and demand issues, and other related situations that the U.K. and surrounding countries are in. A conference in which famous speakers on related topics are invited to talk, and breakout sessions are held for people to discuss their thoughts, is held by Parity in the Millenium Dome, in London.

    This campaign features signs, billboards, bus signs, and physical building signage which are spread around london to increase awareness.promotional cards which are passed out like business cards, and left in busy areas. A motion promo, featured on television and on screens at the Dome's event. A website which has an overview of the event, information on speakers, a schedule, a chat section to speak with other interested people, news, merchandise and more. There are also accompanying iPad and iPhone applications which are available for free. Then there is a pamphlet, handed out to conference attendees which features information on all speakers, meeting times, and other such information. Finally, there are tickets, identity badges, table tents, and merchandise such as notebooks, a usb laser pointer pen, a tote bag, backpack, and t-shirts which are available on the website.

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