The Downfall Of Man

Created: 01/27/13
Last Edited: 01/30/13
    For this task my mission was to put a creative spin on what seems to be the pitfalls of man. I used this five dollar bill to represent money, of course. However I chose to use a five dollar bill because I thought it ironic that it has “Honest Abe” on what many call the root of all evil. I also used a shot glass to create the silhouette of a woman. This represents the Eve to every mans Adam. I also used a bottle of pill as a pretty plain representation of drugs. I also decided to mount name s of famous men whom had been afflicted by one of these short comings, among them Kurt Cobain, Charlie Sheen, Usher, JFK, and plenty others. I sat these items on a mirror to make more interesting shot. I also wanted to create an fascinating shot with angles and zoom. If you look closely, you’ll notice the presence of an eerie red glow. This is because I used a red diffuser to give of this sort of, evil vibe.

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