The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection

  • The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection
    Final Senior Design Project
  • Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognized literary characters throughout the world. Thanks to his recent revival in today’s media Sherlock Holmes has an increase of new fans. These cover designs appeal to an already Holmesian market and draws in new potential readers. Those who pre-order the novels are designated as part of the Baker Street Irregulars and receive additional items.

    Inspired by Victorian times, the typography for the books is influenced by the Gaslight Style of the late 1900s. The graphics used for the two covers is inspired by men’s clothing styles from the Victorian Era. The design of the first volume represents Sherlock Holmes, and the second volume represents Dr. Watson.

    Avoiding the stereotypical cape and Deerstalker look that is parallel with the great detective, I instead focused on Holmes impeccable suits. The visuals in Volume Two were taken from the uniform of the British Army, drawing upon Watson’s career as an Army Doctor.

    Book Cover-Promotional
  • Slip Case with Novels
  • Cover Design for Vol.1
  • Inside cover detail
  • Poster
  • Screen-printed Tote given to members of The Baker Street Irregulars (those who pre-ordered)