The Client + Designer Relationship

  • The Client + Designer Relationship
    For this project, we performed the role as client (someone designed a book for us) and designer (we designed a book for someone else). 
  • When performing the role as designer, we were to create a short portfolio booklet using the collection of images provided to us by our client. A small text and some captions were also included.

    My client was fellow student Abby Brandenburg who wanted to display the photos she had taken overseas while studying architecture abroad during the summer. Designing for Abby was a different experience, as she was an architecture major as opposed to a fellow designer. We both challenged each other to think in new ways, and in the end we were both quite pleased with the result. The only drawback to the booklet was the quality of the images. Abby had taken lovely photos, but unfortunately did not have the original photo files, thus they had to be pulled from facebook, resulting in pixelation.

    All photos taken by Abby Brandenburg.
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