The Chosen Mug: a collection of favorites

  • Come get to know a bit about 24 graphic designers and their favorite mug! The main theme for the website was getting to know and tell the story of an item that many of us, especially designers love but may not share their importance. This basically means that we can know better who someone through simply learning about their items, their quirks...and simply, what makes them their self, unique and that amazing of a person.
  • There are three different sort methods in which the mugs can be separated: colorful, sentimentality scale + delicate to bold.
  • Each mug has their own dedicated page explaining their importance and a bit about their owner.
  • text on mug reveal pages was left verbatim from mug owner responses + photographs were shot in context in mug owner's favorite place to work.
  • inforgraphic information is based on mug owner questions answered, as well as through related topic research.