The Catapult Project

  • The Catapult Project
    launching businesses and careers
  • The Catapult Project is a company within the internet marketing firm Fat Atom. The project is designed to help interns and local businesses with small budgets that can't afford to pay Fat Atom's monthly retainer fee. All of the projects are designed, managed, and implemented by interns that are mentored by the full time staff at Fat Atom. This logo was designed to reflect the huge help or catapult the interns and businesses receive because of the program. Check us out on twitter. @catapultproject or just visit our website¬†
  • This is a couple ads for The Catapult Project that are running in the Carmel newspaper. It was designed to be shocking and very eye catching to get peoples attention and get them talking about this new company.
  • Catapult banner that will be hung on the tent at Carmel Farmers Market.
  • I also helped design the Catapult Project website as well as the background and color palette for the Twitter page.