The Case for Energy Efficiency Brochure

Created: 02/04/12
Last Edited: 05/29/14
Developed a new print piece and information graphics developed to help Saint-Gobain communicate the importance of building with energy efficient materials and how doing so can lead to better quality of life for building occupants and explaining the benefit to the US economy. Although this could have been presented in a traditional “white paper” format, I knew this visual approach would make the complex information detailed in this piece easily digestible to the reader.

This piece was well-received and is widely used by Saint-Gobain North American business units as an educational piece. Some groups have also re-purposed the information graphics I created for other marketing collateral.

Additionally, this brochure was the recipient of a GDUSA 2011 American Inhouse Design Award.
  • Project created while with Saint-Gobain Creative Services/The Hive. Do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Kristin Dankanich.