The Caffeine Poster

Created: 05/29/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
The Caffeine Poster is supposed to help with one decision in your life. If you’re going to grab a caffeine drink during the day (or evening), which drink should you consume? I tried to stay focused on telling one story really well.
  • The Caffeine Poster
    Independent Project, Jan 2010
  • You are what you drink. With so many drinks today claiming to be “energy drinks”, I wanted a little visual clarification, so I made The Caffeine Poster. With coffee drinks on one side and canned cold drinks on the other, you can quickly see how much of a caffeine “hit” (in mg) you will get after consuming. What’s especially interesting is many of the drinks have a very high caffeine mg/oz ratio, but the drink is so small you don’t get that much total caffeine.

    THANKS: A big thanks to Fast Company for posting about The Caffeine Poster on the Fast Company blog. The Caffeine Poster was the most popular story of the week on Fast Company!
  •  I wrote a Making of the Caffeine Poster series of blog posts, that I have compiled HERE.

    I had a number of these printed out by request for teachers and health professionals, and the poster is hanging up in a number of schools and health offices. 

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