• Book & Cover Design for "The Bodine Story"
    The Bodine Story: A Published Memoir with Timely Relevance     While the public awaits signs of an economic recovery, the new book, The Bodine Story: From Chicken Coop to Industry Leader, provides a memoir that also carries significant and timely themes. It weaves together components for innovative product applications ranging from NASA’s skylab station to deep-sea lighting fixtures. In addition, the work covers the development of a specialized school and new approaches to the subjects of philanthropy, employee stock ownership plans and workforce loyalty. This fascinating account is not only good reading about a highly successful company, but it also details how the husband-and-wife team of Dick and Jinnie Bodine built a global emergency lighting business from a tiny local electronics company and ensured that employees willing to work were able to own a piece of the corporate pie, as well.     It was not like a cakewalk getting there, however. When the couple started the business, they initially did so because they needed an income. That spawned a process to develop projects that ultimately, after trial and error, resulted in an invention that gained market acceptance.      The book details how these two engineers/entrepreneurs provided secure employment based on commitment, a diminishing concept in today’s world. This ensured that even through early-period production slowdowns, paychecks still were issued. For the Bodines, creating jobs meant long-term foresight, ensuring corporate continuity, and acknowledging the simple human dignity of rewarding a job well done.    Along with the investments the Bodines have made to museums, various schools (they built The Bodine School for learning disabled students in memory of their son), and civic projects, they devoted time and funding to a variety of charitable endeavors extending from Memphis to St. Croix. The Bodine Story shows how success can spawn philanthropy and volunteerism for reinvestment, all leading to the betterment of a community. The richness of The Bodine company and school legacy lives on in this volume.