The Big Cheese

  • The Big Cheese
  • Brand Identity / Logo Design
  • Look out, Atlanta. In coming months, a new foodtruck, The Big Cheese, will be hitting the streets and dishing out gourmet, grown-up versions of your favorite childhood snack. The following is the brand identity created for this new venture by Aaron Szerlip.
  • It’s Saturday, and you’re sleeping in after a long night of sorting your baseball card collection. When you do finally wake up, it is to the smell of cheddar cheese hitting a castiron skillet somewhere in the house. You remember that today you and your friends are supposed to meet at the Creek and play Pogs, so you get up and quickly throw on your chucks, denim shorts, t-shirt and ball cap. On your way towards the door, your mom hands you your Lone Ranger lunchbox, leans down to kiss you on the cheek (which you scrub off with the back of your hand), wipes her apron and says, "I made your favorite."
  • The direction for The Big Cheese’s logo centers around a feeling of nostalgia for the grilled cheese of the good old days – a gourmet sandwich that brings back the delight of being a kid again, but with a sophisticated and modern design approach so as to never feel “childish.” This was achieved through a slightly deco-style typeface, mixed with a retro script, and a bright and vivid color scheme accentuating a stylistically illustrated tasty, grilled cheese sandwich – caught in the act of breaking apart to reveal gooey, cheesy goodness in the center behind the title. All of it is encapsulated in a circular stamp meant to represent a plate on which this treat is being served up just for you.

    Retro, fun, clean and simple – its a mark you can’t misunderstand, with colors you can’t miss. This is the process of creating an emblem that makes you hungry.
  • Concept Sketches
  • Vector Artwork
  • Detail of custom grain texture applied to the bread
  • Contact Cards and Shirts