The Bee Project

    Identity for a fictional organization that raises awareness about the drastic decline in honey bee population, and how that will affect the American food supply, economy, and daily life. The logo was designed to resemble a bee and a speech bubble to symbolize spreading the word about this issue.

  • I wanted to create a poster design that would quickly show how important the honey bees really are, but at the same time present the fact that they are in trouble. So I created around 60 fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers that are pollinated by bees. These elements were illustrated using watercolor, tissue paper, cut paper, and Photoshop.
  • The bee is the central figure, the giver of life to all of these crops. Without the honey bee, all of these wonderful harvests would disappear. This poster just gives the viewer a quick understanding of all the food they would miss if the bees were gone. Unfortunately, bees affect many other foods and products that would disappear in addition to the ones shown here.