The Art of Observation Film Festival

  • The Art of Observation
    Guile and Naivete in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock
  • This was an intense semester-long project focused on creating pieces for a film festival. I chose Alfred Hitchcock as my director for the semester. I had never seen a single film of his and hated watching scary movies, so why I chose him, I don't know, but in the end, I'm glad I did.

    I came to love Hitchcock's films for the sheer beauty of his work. His characters are beautiful, his stories intriguing and his plots twisted. I fell in love. Every now and then, even after a semester of Hitchcock 24/7, I still get the urge to watch one of his films to feel at ease.

    I began with the idea of voyeurism as a thread throughout his films and took that idea and ran with it. In the end I had a catalog (encased in a hidden pocket of a carved out book), DVD set (including six DVDs and a movie catalog), Soundtrack (2-record set), poster, tickets, schedule, disguise kit (including a Grace Kelly wig (not pictured), x-ray sunglasses, a girly man and manly man mustches), spy kit (including binoculars, box and how-to-spy book), secret serum set (including 3 serums), advertisements (including a magazine ad, billboard ads and a taxi ad), website, custom box to hold everything and an annotated process journal. Needless to say...this was the most work I've ever had to do in a single semester, not to mention having other classes and a life outside of school.

    I took craft seriously and crafted all the custom boxes myself, bound the books myself and finished pieces to the best of my ability. All of the photography down to the smallest detail is my own, shot by me or my husband. When models fell through, my husband and I stood in for the models and the look and feel worked, so I kept it. The following images do not contain every piece listed above, but it should give you an idea of the breadth of work. What you see below is about 75% of the total project.
  • The film festival catalog
  • The annotated process journal documenting my creative process and progress throughout the entirety of the project.