The American University In Bulgaria

Created: 01/14/13
Last Edited: 01/22/13
Study Abroad Poster and Brochure

The university hired me to produce an informational brochure that could be folded and self-mailed to universities and prospective study- abroad students. I suggested that the brochure should measure 11 * 17 and that one side should be a brochure and the other side a poster that universities could use to advertise the program and students could keep for themselves. In this way the university did not have to pay for two different items. The poster side needed to be very colorful and project an exotic appeal while the brochure side offered specific information and images of familiar student scenarios.

  • The poster front.¬† When folded into a self - mailing brochure the text area with gold background¬† is visible on the backside of the address panel.
  • The back of the poster which folds into a self - mailing brochure

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