The 6-Month Project

  • The 6-Month project consists of 6 months trying to reevaluate some majors psychological aspects of me. To illustrate each day that goes by I will be posting a snapshot of my day.
    For the first month I will work only with pattern designs. Why? Because seamless pattern creation is laborious. Since my first month is probably going to be very difficult, I thought I would start creating graphic patterns in order to break my own psychological pattern.
    The second month I will narrow down to illustrations, which can be particularly childish but yet a more mature version than just doodling.
    The third month will be dedicated to typographic compositions, since expressing myself as an adult is a must.
    The fourth month will consist a mix of all the previous compositions, since most likely I will have come to face many different aspects of myself.
    The fifth month will be very-grid oriented and minimal, most likely a sense of order and detox.
    For the last month I will work only with photography, as things progress and get more real. By then, hopefully I will have learned a lot.
    In addition, every month is a shade of red, starting from a deep dark red to a bright and light one as my progress becomes better.