Thank ye, Jack // Screen Print Edition

Created: 05/27/13
Last Edited: 05/27/13
Poster created by breaking apart a full color digital painting and reassembling through the CMYK screen printing process. While this was a fun print making project, I found that it enhanced my understanding of CMYK printing overall in a very personal way that will undoubtedly inform my design sensibilities with future graphic design print pieces.
  • This poster was painted using Photoshop, and then the colors were separated in Illustrator for CMYK screen¬†printing.
  • The colors in the final print are starkly different than those in the painting; however, translation is quite nice: the characters seemlessly merge with the dark background and the ghostlike presence of the ships and stormy clouds at the bottom is quite successful.
  • Detail of the final print, showing each layer of color.
  • Each print is unique, as any squeegee pressure variation quickly influences the saturation of the print.¬†

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