Texas A&M Print Work

  • Texas A&M print work
    Print projects created while working for the Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs
  • Information Technology Crests - In Progress
    Department of Information Technology - Design, Illustration
  • Self-initiated project.  In light of the recent IT consolidation across the Division of Student Affairs, this project was envisioned to address the turbulent waters of a new IT department by giving each group of employees a heraldic identity that they would be a part of creating.  
  • Before Humans
    Cain Hall Green Team - Design, illustration, typography
  • This poster is the result of an internal office building project assigned for the Cain Hall  Green Team recycling initiative.  The logotype was a custom modification of the Bello Pro typeface.
  • Off Campus Survival Manual
    Department of Student Life - Design, illustration, copy
  • This project required a cover illustration and a solution that would ensure a quality design each year.
  • Aggie Up! - City Code Poster Campaign
    Department of Student Life - Design, Illustration, Copy
  • Campaign to raise awareness of city codes for students living off campus.  
  • Safe Spring Break
    Alcohol & Drug Education Programs, Department of Student Life - Design, Illustration
  • Poster created to advertise events transpiring in College Station during the week of Spring Break, sponsored by Student Life's Alcohol & Drug Education Programs group.