• Tenacity
    Promoting Powerful Women
  • Tenacity was the second half of my senior capstone show. It also related to women’s rights issues, but instead of explaining the history of the revolution, it focuses upon the present circumstances, particularly in Milwaukee. The website’s proposed purpose is to be a blog about proactive women in Milwaukee. It would be regularly updated with news and interviews with Milwaukee women leaders. The goal was to create a resource that young professional women could look to for role-models and connections. It personalizes the issue of women’s rights in the workplace, and takes an intimate look into the lives of women who have advanced despite the odds.
    The website was developed through Wordpress and is currently being run through my personal domain. This was my first venture into coding for Wordpress, skills I had learned through web design classes at UWM.
    The vase to the left is the 3D element of the project, which ideally would have been given to the featured women on the blog who received the most hits or comments. This prototype was made of ¼ in thick basswood, and cut out at the architecture school’s rapid prototyping lab. The etching was lasered in there, as well. I personally sanded and glued the rest, to create a piece that is branded to be modern, sleek, and functional as both an award and a vase.