Created: 08/19/11
Last Edited: 03/09/13
Branding for new line of teas
  • Teamotions was inspired by one woman's wish to take her grieving sister's pain away. The idea for Teamotions was born in 2008 after Rachel Crawford lost her twin daughters shortly after they were born. Struggling to cope, she found solace in tea.
    One day her sister Crystal said to her, "I wish there was something I could put in your tea to make you feel better." Knowing nothing like that existed, they set out to create it. Teamotions teas are handcrafted and blended with adaptogen herbs that help the body handle stress, boost immunity and support emotional well-being- transforming a simple cup of tea into a truly healing experience.

    We developed an abstract icon that represents a person wrapped around a cup of tea, almost clinging to it, or comforted by it. It could read as someone who’s taking this moment to reflect as they sip. Or the angle of the person’s head could be read as bent with emotion. We used the symbol functionally in the package design as a flavor differentiator by filling it with a range of colors that express the emotive qualities of each blend.


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